Course curriculum

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    MODULE ONE: what is an emotion?

    • What is an Emotion?

  • 3

    MODULE TWO: what is regulation?

    • What is Regulation?

  • 4

    MODULE THREE: what is dysregulation?

    • What is Dysregulation?

  • 5

    MODULE FOUR: safe learning environments

    • Video: Learn about one school's efforts to create safe learning spaces.

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    MODULE FIVE: universal design for emotional regulation

    • Universal Design for Regulation

    • Video: Educators share how they're addressing mental health concerns among their peers and students.

    • Video: This is a video speaking to students about the Zones of Regulation.

    • Video: The Blue Zone

    • Video: The Green Zone

    • Video: The Yellow Zone

    • Video: The Red Zone

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    MODULE SIX: responding to intense dysregulation

    • Responding to Intense Dysregulation.



Amy Bain

Amy is co-creator and instructor of Compassionate Classrooms. She is a skilled and seasoned leader of courses throughout the US on a project funded by National Institute of Mental Health. She brings expertise and experience with emotional regulation disorders to the coursework. Amy has a passion for helping educators and family members understand the impact of emotional regulation on child development. The purpose of her work is to help educators and families experience decreased burden of supporting dysregulation, while increasing in empowerment, competence, and confidence as they use research-based practices to help young people regulate emotions and behavior.

CEO • Lead Inclusion

Lee Ann Jung

Lee Ann Jung,PhD, is CEO of Lead Inclusion, Clinical Professor at San Diego State University, and a consultant to schools worldwide. She provides support to schools in the areas of universal design for learning, inclusion, intervention, and mastery-based assessment and grading. Before beginning a career in higher education she worked in special education in the roles of teacher and administrator. She is a former full professor and director of International Partnerships in the University of Kentucky's College of Education. Lee Ann leads the International Inclusive Leadership Program, a professional learning and graduate program for educators in international schools in partnership with San Diego State University. Lee Ann has authored 6 books, more than 50 journal articles and book chapters, and has served as associate editor for Young Exceptional Children (YEC), section editor for The Routledge Encyclopedia of Education, guest editor and editorial board member of Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, and editorial board member for Journal of Early Intervention. Lee Ann is past chair for the Classroom Assessment special interest group for the American Educational Research Association.