Course curriculum

    1. MTSS and RTIi in International Schools -Getting Started!

    2. MODULE ONE: Zoom link, readings and important information

    3. EDL 680 Course Syllabus

    4. Course Texts

    5. Academic Tenacity Reading with Thinking Routine

    6. Module One Handouts: Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Inclusion

    1. Fundamentals of Multi Tiered Systems of Support

    2. Reading: Chapter One Integrated Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

    3. Connect, Extend, Challenge Thinking Routine

    4. Padlet Links for Discussion and Resources

    5. Assignments and deadlines for those who are taking the MTSS course for credit

    1. Module 3 Video: Assessment and Data based Decision Making

    2. Reading Resource: Chapter 3 from McIntosh, K A. P., Goodman, S.(2013). Integrated Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: Blending RTI and PBIS. New York, NY, Guilford Press.

    3. ​Stan Deno Interview Video about CBM

    4. Appedices from reading: Self Assessments and Checklists

    5. MTSS Module 3

    6. Optional Podcast: Episode 10: Myths and Misconceptions about universal screening with Nancy Nelson

    7. RECORDING OF CLASS June 15, 2023 MODULE 3

    1. Reading: UDL Efffective Tier 1 Instruction

    2. Video Instruction for Module 4: Tier 1 Academics and Behavior

    3. Module 4 slide handouts Tier 1 academics and behavior

    4. Class recording Tier 1 June 29th

    1. Co-Teaching video-Dr. Lee Ann Jung

    2. Choice Board Padlet: Please choose at least 2 resources from this Padlet to watch, read or listen to and use flipgrid, or discussion prompts to share connections, questions or iideas for implementation.

    3. Co-teaching Differentiation, UDL Choice Board

    4. Schedules, Structures and Team Share outs

    5. Slides from Discussion Session on July 6

    6. Class discusison recording : July 6 co-teaching, small groups and schedules

    1. Reflective Paper -For those taking the course for credit

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