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    2. Read: In this chapter, Robin McWilliam describes the routines-based interview he designed to be used as a voluntary family assessment in early intervention.

    3. RBI Report Form

    4. Video: In this video, Lee Ann Jung discusses the flow of the routines-based interview, developed by Robin McWilliam. She demonstrates an RBI with a mother of a child receiving early intervention.

    5. Do and Reflect

    1. Ecomap Hartman article

    2. Ecomap Chapter

    3. Video: In this video lecture, Lee Ann Jung describes the eco mapping process, benefits of generating an eco map, and provides a visual of an eco map.

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    1. Article: Scott McConnell, in this seminal article, distinguishes “testing” from “assessment” and offers us new visions for assessment in early childhood special education.

    2. This report is an example of one that integrates the voluntary family assessment with observation and two instruments for developmental assessment.

    3. Video: In this video, Lee Ann Jung, discusses the integration of family assessments with developmental assessments.

    4. Video: In this video by Larry Edelman, you will hear from an interventionist who conducts assessment through observation of natural play and interactions.

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